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Swedish Massage and Cupping Massage



Two By One Massages offers two basic types of massage: Swedish relaxation massage and Cupping massage. Swedish relaxation massage gives the client a wonderful sense of well being while relaxing the muscles. Cupping massage not only relaxes the client but relieves the tightest of muscles without the pain that other massage techniques often have. Clients have different needs so you have a choice in the type of massage that best fits your needs.

Two By One Massages' prices are affordable so that clients who have never experienced the feeling of health and well-being that skilled body work offers. Reasonable prices also make it possible for clients to get body work on a regular basis.

The practice is designed for the convenience of clients. The home clinic is professional and comfortable and is located between Interstate 35 and Mopac Expressway and Parmer and Braker Lane in north Austin.

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